A group of students are taking measurements from the weather instruments inside the instrument shelter, which is installed on a post near their school.

Aspiring Scientists

Are you a student looking for opportunities to do research, present about your research, and learn leadership skills? The links below will connect you with opportunities at NCAR and UCAR to learn about and do Earth science research while you’re on the path to becoming a scientist.

Meet the Experts Live Q&A with NCAR|UCAR experts

What is it like to work at NCAR? Students can go behind-the-scenes, live with NCAR experts, to ask questions and learn about their work.

Become a SOARS Protégé

Significant Opportunities in Atmospheric Research and Science (SOARS) is designed to broaden participation in the atmospheric and related sciences.

Job Shadow Guide

A job shadow is a learning experience that takes place at a business or organization in your community.

Atmospheric Science Career Profiles

Learn more about what atmospheric science professionals do for their jobs.

GLOBE Virtual Science Symposium

The International Virtual Science Symposium (IVSS) provides students with the chance to share their research, discuss that research with their peers, earn virtual badges, and receive feedback from a team of STEM professionals.

Internship Opportunities

Students who participate in internships at UCAR and NCAR gain valuable experience, forge connections with leaders in their fields, and contribute to cutting-edge research projects.